Contracting & Extranet System

Contracting & Extranet System

Contracting & Extranet System

It’s a single application that allows you to upload your own contracted hotels, tours and transfers, manage their data (allotments, rates, policies, etc) and easily sell your own travel products contracted from suppliers that can’t be connected online.

What are the benefits of this product for you?

You have full control of your inventory as you are always able to see the accurate status of all your products and how many offers are available in a specific moment.
Providing the suppliers with direct access to the extranet system in order to manage their own content and offers will reduce your employees’ workload and you will enjoy a comfortable product management.

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Performances & Features

It is a stand-alone web-based system which can be connected directly to a B2B or B2C booking system using existing API facilities or can be offered as part of Web Booking Expert full system.
Your directly contracted suppliers (hotels, transfers and tours) get access into your system so they can configure their own product data (description, allotments, rates, special offers, restrictions, etc)
The tours module contains two products: city tours and escorted guaranteed tours (multi-city tours), the last ones being able to be linked with contracted hotels for each city from the tour and also with airport transfers to / from each hotel.

  • Product definition: hotels, tours and transfers (description, photos, other information)
  • Reservation management (cancel, confirm pending bookings)
  • Allotment management (allocation or free sale)
  • User role management (allocate rights and restrictions to each user)
  • Special offers management (pay-stay, discount, early bird, special rates; conditions and special cancellation policies, etc)

  • Do-it-yourself multi-language capability
  • Cancellation policies, extra-bed policies and child policies.
  • Possibility to link multi-city tours with hotels and airport transfers and show combined price
  • Release date and black-out dates set up
  • Multiple currencies
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