XML Gateway

XML Gateway module

It’s a multi-supplier travel resources hub, an endpoint for multiple connections of travel suppliers, delivering them in a unified XML structure that can be connected to any booking engine back-office and added to current inventory.

What are the benefits of this product for you?

With only one integration you save time and money simplifying simultaneous interaction with 40 already connected travel suppliers as you won't be needing to integrate internally each individual supplier and you can also keep your existing website and technology while extending your inventory.


Performances & Features

Due to our business model, you have full control of the prices as the suppliers agreements remain unchanged: you negotiate your own NET RATES with each supplier in order to keep your price and commercial strategy unaltered.

Besides the obvious shortest time to market and the lack of testing required, there is also a considerable advantage in costs over the long run. Our contract will ensure that the connection to all the XML suppliers in the Gateway is fully up to date with the newest offering and content from the wholesalers and that there will be no need of IT staff work to handle the XML connections.
  • Manage, monitor and maintain all your travel suppliers with one single integrated solution
  • Full search and booking process with no redirects to multiple suppliers' systems
  • Effective cost savings and short time-to-market delivery abilities
  • Work on own negotiated NET RATES with suppliers, no mark-ups or commissions
  • Hotel and destination dedication services on all content
  • Double or triple your return on IT investment
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