Cruise Reservation System

Cruise Reservation System

Airline Reservation System is web based booking engine connected with global GDS systems including Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre, which consolidates the data from all the airlines. The booking engine connected with GDS systems, provides better inventory and rates to end customers and travel agencies. Global travel companies are going for online airline reservation software because of 24/7 availability and real time bookings.

P&M Engine is an award winning airline reservation system development company, working with global airlines, gds systems and flight consolidators. We also offer hotel reservation system, transfers, sightseeing, insurance and dynamic packaging modules. We integrate several GDS, hotel consolidators, car consolidators and cruise consolidators for travel clients.

Technically airline reservation systems consist of the exchange of data through the global distribution systems sub as Amadeus, Galileo / Travelport or Sabre, which consolidates the worldwide airline availability and pricing information and share through web services APIs / XMLs. Using these web services on airline reservation system interface, the information for the airline availability & pricing can be published on a user friend GUI interface. End user can select the flight and proceed for the booking.

Over the last few years, travel agencies have shown greater reliance on airline reservation system, travel technology and mobility solutions to grow. With round o clock availability, great user engagement, multiple display options and dynamic packing are key points for these airline reservation systems to succeed.

Airline Reservation System

  • Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan, Galileo, Abacus
  • Airline Hosting System
  • Booking Engine
  • eTicketing
  • XML Out
  • Airline Inventory Management
  • Reservation Management
  • GDS Integration - Amadeus, Travelport, Sabre
  • B2C - End User Reservation
  • B2B - Travel Agents' Reservation
  • Airline Mobile Booking App
  • 3rd Party Interface
  • IATA & Non IATA Agents

  • Departure Control System - DCS

  • Fully Automated DCS
  • Connecting Flight Module
  • Agent Confirmation Module
  • No Show Users Management
  • Addon Service Module
  • Web Check-in
  • Boarding Pass Generation
  • eTicketing
  • Seat Layout Map
  • Baggage Weight Module